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Keeping our people Safe

At Portland Mechanical Contractors, safety is our way of life. It comes first, before anything else, no matter what. It is our commitment to our employees and our customers to provide an injury and incident-free environment, ensuring that every single person goes home safely to their families, friends and communities. With safety as our core value, it has allowed us to deliver quality craftsmanship to our customers while protecting our greatest asset – our people, for over 20 years.

3 men discussing safety safety requirements with Powerpoint presentation

Safety is what we do

As part of Portland Mechanical Contractors' safety culture, we stress 4 key items:

  • Employee empowerment
  • In-depth safety trainings and orientations
  • Detailed pre-planning processes
  • Thorough incident investigation

At PMC, we believe 100% of accidents are avoidable.


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